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Hoarding is a serious mental illness that affects not only the victims, but also their families and loved ones. The compulsions that hoarders experience subjects them and their environment to a variety of diseases, bacteria, and other hazards that can permanently damage their property. In addition to the piles of (often rotting) possessions that need to be removed, it’s very common to find unknown bacteria growth, dangerous mold, human and/or animal feces and other bodily fluids, and even dead, rotting animal carcasses.

Hoarding presents serious risk to the health of the home’s occupants, while also jeopardizing the safety and value of the property itself. But cleaning up hoarded material can be dangerous. Not all biological hazards, such as mold, viruses and bacteria, are visible to the naked eye. So while you may rid the house of clutter and the visible signs of dirt, without proper equipment and training, you may still be missing the invisible bacteria and pathogens that linger behind.

When your home and property, or those of a loved one, have suffered from neglect or out-of-control clutter due to physical or mental limitations, Crime-Scene Clean-Up® can safely and discreetly clean and disinfect the area, making it livable again.

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CSCU offers professional 24/7 support and quick remediation, compassionately and without judgment. Our team of professionals will respond quickly, in most situations within two to four hours, and protect your privacy by using discreet, unmarked trucks. Our hoarding clean up services provide a “clean slate,” giving your loved ones the best chance for a successful recovery in a safe, disinfected, and livable home.

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