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If someone dies in their home alone, the natural process of human decomposition will begin until they are discovered. This process releases bodily fluids and leaves behind fetid odors that can negatively affect the health of those in the vicinity, so it’s crucial to call professionals to properly clean and disinfect the home.

What is Unattended Death Cleanup?

Unattended death is a broad term that refers to an individual who dies with no one else around. Unattended death cleanup includes the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens in affected areas after a person’s passing, whether the passing is due to natural causes, suicide, disease, or accident. Because of the high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens, unattended death cleanup is a specialty service that requires a blood cleanup professionals with proper training, equipment, certification, and licensing.

What Happens to a Person’s Body After They Die an Unattended Death?

The rate of human decomposition depends on several factors, including weather, temperature, moisture, pH and oxygen levels, cause of death, and body position; however, all human bodies follow the same stages of human decomposition.

Human Body Decomposition Timeline 

Outwardly noticeable physical changes to the deceased person occur directly after death. Blood will begin pooling beneath the body or at the part of the body nearest to the ground. Rigor mortis, a stiffening of the body begins between 8 to 12 hours after death. 

  • 24-72 hours after death — the internal organs decompose.
  • 3-5 days after death — the body starts to bloat and blood-containing foam leaks from the mouth and nose.
  • 8-10 days after death — the body turns from green to red as the blood decomposes and the organs in the abdomen accumulate gas.
  • Several weeks after death — nails and teeth fall out. 
  • 1 month after death — the body starts to liquefy.

Because of the bodily fluid and dangerous pathogens released into the area surrounding the body after death, it’s important that a professional blood cleanup specialist perform unattended death cleanup.

What Should You Do If You Discover an Unattended Death?

If you come across an unattended death, leave the area immediately and then dial 911 to report the discovery. You run a great risk of exposing yourself to potentially harmful substances and odors by lingering in the area for too long or coming into contact with bodily fluids.

Who Is Responsible for Cleanup of an Unattended Death?

After the initial shock of an unexpected death, families and property owners often don’t know where to turn. Unfortunately, it is not the responsibility of law enforcement or the city to perform unattended death cleanup. It is recommended that families and businesses hire a professional cleanup company to disinfect and remediate the property. CSCU is available 24/7 to help.

How Does a Professional Death Cleanup Specialist Perform Unattended Death Cleanup?

When an unattended death occurs, the affected areas, and often, the entire home, need to be cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized professionally. The area where the deceased passed need to be removed as blood and bodily fluids may have been released. Blood and other bodily fluids are bloodborne pathogens and if left untreated, will spread bacteria and odors. Depending on the length of time before discovery, the entire home may need to be remediated to remove the fetid odor. 

How CSCU Cleans Up After an Unattended Death

For everyone’s safety, our professional unattended death cleanup crews follow OSHA regulations and wear proper personal protective safety equipment, including a full face respirator and a fully encapsulating biohazard suit. Our crews are trained and experienced in cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing your home or business.

CSCU adheres to OSHA regulations regarding bloodborne pathogens and practice universal precautions to protect our customers and cleanup specialists. Our science-based process ensures that we contain the impacted areas to prevent cross-contamination, remove all traces of blood and biological materials, disinfect and deodorize, and test to confirm that the affected areas are free of pathogens. We understand that the health and safety of you and your family are at stake, which is why are committed to complete disinfection every time.

Discreet & Rapid Response for Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended death cleanup may seem overwhelming, but Crime Scene Clean-Up (CSCU) professionals are here to help. Once you contact CSCU, we respond quickly, arriving at your home within hours using unmarked vehicles to ensure privacy and discretion. We always provide a no-obligation assessment, a written scope of work with our professional recommendation, and take the time to walk you through the cleanup process from beginning to end. 

Unattended Death: Certificate of Treatment

Once the remediation is complete, we can provide you with a Certificate of Treatment and 100% guarantee for official documentation, which is often required for future home sale in disclosure states. Should you have any questions about this document, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of customer care advisors.

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