Is The US Suicide Rate Rising?

February 12, 2019
Is The US Suicide Rate Rising? The prevalence of suicide has always been a large social issue that demands attention from everybody in the country. Mental health and suicide rates are watched closely and are…

Can Blood Stains Be Dangerous To Clean?

February 12, 2019
Can Blood Stains Be Dangerous? An inevitable truth is that accidents happen. As much as we would like to think that we can prevent them from occurring, there is absolutely no way to anticipate when…

Hiring Crime Scene Clean-Up – Our Promise!

January 15, 2019
When hiring our crime and death cleaning services, you’re hiring certified professionals that practice safe, compliant clean-up service including specialized disinfection and waste disposal. Management will handle all the necessary paperwork and insurance claims associated…

Vehicle Remediation and Biohazard Cleanup

September 25, 2014
Homes, offices, and retail establishments are not the only places that may require biohazard cleanup. From time to time, crime scene clean up companies like CSCU may be asked to assist with unusual situations such…

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention

September 11, 2014
Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention Dealing with crime scenes can be highly traumatic for a variety of reasons. That’s why crime cleanup should be left to the professionals. Proper cleanup of a crime scene…
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