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There’s no getting around it — crime scene cleanup is a visceral job. Our crime scene cleanup crews often deal with highly emotional and potentially graphic situations. But our crews are also compassionate, empathetic, value integrity and are thoroughly trained to assist with grieving families. The end result is a highly rewarding experience – we help families and communities get through some of the most difficult and traumatic times so that they may begin the healing process.

Our first priority is safety. Education, training, and continuous improvement are key elements to ensuring the safety and welfare of our technicians and our customers. Our technicians are put through online, in-class, and on-the-job-training in bloodborne pathogen and respiratory standards, proper application and use of PPE (personal protective equipment), OSHA-compliant process and procedures, and customer engagement. Crime scene cleanup is a physically demand job – from moving content or furniture to clean up the affected biological material, to lifting medical waste containers, all cleanup activities must be performed while wearing a fully encapsulated suit and a full face respirator.

If you are searching for a different kind of experience and lifestyle, enjoy the camaraderie of a team, and are dependable, compassionate, and most of all, customer-focused, then we have a crime scene cleanup job for you! We are regularly looking for hardworking, motivated, and caring individuals to join our family of crime scene cleanup technicians.

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