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For Immediate Service, Call Us at (800) 991-3645

Call 1-800-991-3645 and receive immediate assistance with a live dispatcher that will put you in contact with a Crime Scene Clean-Up® supervisor. After confirming the details of your request for biohazard clean up services, the supervisor will dispatch one of our crews immediately.

Or, fill out the form below to contact us, and someone will respond to you as quickly as possible. CSCU is dedicated to offering quality biohazard remediation and clean up service for crime scenes, death and trauma scenes and blood spills.

We have been the industry leader since 1996, because of our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety, and we guarantee our work beyond any other company. Our people are what make the difference: compassionate, highly trained, discreet and committed to helping people in a traumatic situation.

We don’t do traditional house or carpet cleaning, flood or fire restoration, mold clean up or asbestos abatement. Instead we focus on blood spill and biohazard clean up services, using our proprietary cleaning agents, safety equipment and cleaning methods.

We practice strict adherence to biohazard remediation and disposal laws, regulations and guidelines from local, state and federal agencies, including OSHA and NIOSH. We are fully insured and certified, partnering with licensed medical waste facilities and other certified and insured partners.

Attempting to clean up a trauma or unattended death scene without the adequate knowledge and personal protective gear can result in risks to health from virulent blood-borne diseases, including Hepatitis C and E.coli. Inadequate remediation may also lead to structural damage or the spread of mold or bacteria, which can occur when blood and biological material seeps into hidden places that ordinary cleaning products and procedures can’t reach.

Contact CSCU today and let our trained specialists provide peace of mind with biohazard clean up services that restore your home or property to a safe, livable condition.

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