Coming to Terms with an Unattended Death

An unattended death is a death that occurs when no one is around. It can happen anywhere and at any time, and can take anywhere from a few hours to several months to discover. If you recently discovered or heard of the unattended death of a loved one, read this article for help coming to terms with it.

Allow the Grieving Process to Take Place

The first step to coming to terms with an unattended death is to give the grieving process respect and patience. Denial, anger, blame, and depression are part of the grieving process for many people. Accepting that grieving is normal, natural, and difficult can help you get through these difficult times.

Coping with the Unattended Death

Many people find that when they are ready, talking to or being around friends can be very helpful. If you find that your family is too upset and your friends are not able to listen as intently as you would like, consider seeing a professional counselor or joining a support group. In the meantime, it helps to accept the emotions and ride them out. Cry whenever you feel like it, even if you find it hard to stop. Try to create a routine for yourself if you do not have one, because this will help distract you and allow you to restore normality to your life. Avoid making major life decisions during this time.

Cleaning the Scene

The sad and unpleasant reality of unattended deaths is that they usually involve some degree of decomposition. To come to terms with an unattended death, it’s best not to attempt to do any cleaning yourself; instead, leave the cleanup job to professionals who can do it quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

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