Coming to Terms with Grief After a Loved One Commits Suicide

The suicide of a loved one is always a traumatic experience. Protecting your wellbeing after hearing the news is very difficult, and healing from it can take years. Coping with the emotional grief may be tough, but the following tips can help you begin the process of acceptance and recovery.

Accept Your Emotional State

loved one’s suicide is likely to stir up very powerful emotions, including despair, guilt, anger, and disbelief. You might feel shock and question whether your loved one’s suicide actually occurred. You may be angry with yourself or your friends for not picking up on your loved one’s suicidal state or you may be angry at your loved one for putting you in a state of grief. Many people blame themselves for their loved one’s death, and start to wonder if things would be different if they had done something differently. To encourage healing, acknowledge these emotions and all of the difficult effects that may occur as a result of them.

Seek Support

It’s normal to withdraw socially and lose interest in hobbies after a loved one commits suicide. When you are ready to be with others, whether you wish to talk or just be in another person’s company, reach out to friends and family. You may also want to consider sharing your feelings with a therapist or spiritual leader.

Practice Patience

The process of acceptance and recovery takes longer for some than others. Let your healing take place at a pace that feels right for you. Don’t feel rushed by your expectations or the expectations of others, and recognize that painful setbacks can occur suddenly even years after the suicide.

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