Coping and Grieving Following a Homicide

Has your home or office turned into a crime scene? When a loved one’s life is taken by homicide, the events that follow can seem surreal, and are often extremely difficult to cope with. Below you will find more information about the grieving and coping process that follows a homicide.


The first stage of grieving is usually shock. Some describe the feeling as being in a thick fog. Sometimes this initial period of shock is helpful for getting through both the funeral and the process of informing family and friends.


After the period of shock comes to an end, you may experience some confusion. Flashbacks and dreams of the loved one can come so frequently that you may start to believe he or she will soon walk through the door. Denial and depression are common in this emotional stage of grief, so it can be very helpful to talk with someone you trust.


Following a homicide, many people recreate what could have happened and what might have been. Eventually, you must accept that the events that took place cannot be changed. Blaming yourself or somebody else is normal, but can be destructive if it goes on for too long. Many people will feel guilty about being angry. Try to remember that most people in your situation would also be angry, and it’s not bad to feel this way for a while.


Many friends who you see will want to avoid talking about the homicide, even if that’s exactly what you need. Things can get even more difficult around the holidays or around family. To get the support you need, communicate your emotions with family and friends as openly and directly as you can. You may also want to join a grief support group.

If you have been through the traumatic experience of losing a loved one to a homicide, moving on with your life is very important. If the homicide occurred in your home or office, contact the death cleanup experts at Crime Scene Clean-Up. For more information, call us at (800) 991-3660 or visit our website.

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