Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention

Dealing with crime scenes can be highly traumatic for a variety of reasons. That’s why crime cleanup should be left to the professionals.

Proper cleanup of a crime scene is integral to maintaining a safe environment within one’s home. Professional intervention can also help mitigate the emotional impact of a scene of violence, which can have lingering effects on all involved.


Police Responsibility 

Calling the police is a natural response when faced with a gravely dangerous situation. As a result, police and other emergency personnel are the first to arrive to the scene of a crime. Their initial step will be to secure the area to ensure no further harm is afforded to victims or bystanders.

Once the area has been adequately secured, a crime scene investigation will likely take place. The evidence compiled during this time will be highly valuable for prosecution, in the case of any wrongdoing. For this reason, it is important to let crime scene investigators perform their work unimpeded. This is essential to bringing guilty parties to justice.

Once a crime scene has been thoroughly investigated, physical remains are removed of by the proper authorities. Unfortunately, other remainders of the crime will still be wholly evident to those living within a home. This is where professional cleaning technicians come in.

Dealing With the Aftermath

Once a crime scene has been secured and investigated, the onus of restoring a home to its former state usually falls to the victim’s loved ones. This can be an incredibly traumatic experience, especially with scenes of extreme violence. Health risks can also be a factor during cleanups, particularly when dealing with large amounts of blood, body fluids, and other biohazards.

A professional cleaning service will have the tools and know-how necessary to thoroughly clean a home in the safest manner possible.  Crime scene cleaners may utilize the following:

  • Disinfectant
  • Enzymatic Solvent (used to kill viruses that may be present in fluids)
  • Deodorizer
  • Cleaning Supplies (mops, buckets, vacuums, etc.)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (goggles, respirators, hazard suits, etc.)

Cleaning services must also be bonded or licensed. Any transportation or disposal of biohazardous materials involves strict regulations that must be followed to the letter. A reliable cleaning company will be able to show verification of this licensing, and may provide additional reassurance through references and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Service Is Guaranteed

When faced with the aftermath of a violent crime, Crime Scene Clean-Up can offer more than just a restored living space. Our professional technicians will work diligently to render a home safe for inhabitation once again, and help provide peace of mind to the survivors. In these ways, cleanup often serves as a critical step towards healing and recovery.

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