Depression and Suicide: Identifying the Signs

Sometimes there are no warning signs of suicide and depression, but there are cues that can be picked up if you know what to look for. Taking notice of these signs and responding to them appropriately is extremely important, as it could save someone’s life. Here are some of the warning signs that indicate a loved one may be suicidal.

Depression and Mental Illness

It is estimated that more than 90 percent of people who commit suicide are suffering from clinical depression or some other diagnosable mental illness. Profound sadness, sleeping problems, eating troubles, or a loss of interest in hobbies can be warning signs of depression. If you know or believe that a loved one is struggling with depression, be mindful of his or her increased risk for suicide. And keep in mind that if depression gets worse, the risk for suicide increases.

Talking About Death or Despair

If you notice that a loved one is consumed with thoughts of death or seems to always bring up death as a topic of conversation, it may be because they are thinking of suicide. Hearing things like, “I want out” or, “It would be better if I was not here,” are common warning signs that a person is suicidal. Always take what someone says about death or suicide seriously, and do your best to listen and show you care.

Risky Behavior

A person who is suicidal may tempt fate by engaging in risky behavior that could easily lead to death. If you notice a loved one engaging in reckless driving, substance abuse, or a dangerous sport without wearing protective gear, it could be a red flag.

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