How Homicide Clean-Up Works

After a homicide, grief isn’t the only thing left behind. After the police come and the coroner takes the deceased away, there’s still the practical matter of cleaning up the bodily fluids left behind. Since most people don’t have the fortitude to handle such a horrendous task, the job often falls to homicide clean-up professionals.

In addition to bodily fluids, a crime scene may be contaminated with fingerprint powder, luminal, and other specialized chemicals used to help with the investigation. These elements can cause emotional distress or physical illness. Once the investigators obtain all the information they need, the homicide clean-up team promptly arrives at the scene. They evaluate the extent of the clean-up, prepare a written proposal for the property owner, and start cleaning once the owner approves. The clean-up process itself involves thorough disinfection and deodorization until all evidence of the homicide is gone.

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