How Tear Gas Clean-Up Works

As you may know, tear gas is not one product—it actually refers to over a dozen different chemicals that cause irritation of the mucous membranes and lead to tearing, pain, and rashes. Tear gas is sometimes used by law enforcement, and it is also sometimes used as a self-defense weapon. If any form of tear gas has affected your home or office, certain effects of the gas or spray may linger, causing issues ranging from discomfort to respiratory problems. To prevent long-term exposure to tear gas, it’s necessary to hire specially trained biohazard cleanup professionals who can remove 100 percent of the gas or spray so that the area is safe to inhabit.

If you need professional tear gas cleanup services, call Crime Scene Clean-Up at (800) 991-3660. Our team is trained in biohazard cleanup that is consistent with OSHA, State Health Department, and EPA guidelines. For added privacy, we even offer unmarked vehicle response if requested. Visit our website for more information about our 24/7 cleanup services.

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