How to Arrange a Funeral Following an Unattended Death

Planning a Funeral Following an Unattended Death

The loss of a loved one is never easy, but planning a funeral that honors their memory can help provide a sense of closure for friends and family members. When a death is unattended, there is an extra level of care and consideration that must be taken to process the body for burial and clean the home if there has been any decomposition. Unfortunately, cleanup is usually left to the family. Hiring death scene cleanup professionals can help streamline the remediation process and enable the family to concentrate on important details such as planning the memorial and caring for one another during a time of grief.

Calling for Help

When dealing with a death, it is best to ask for help. Because death is a traumatic experience no matter when or how it occurs, people should be aware that there are professional services designed to make the experience less distressing. The first step in arranging a funeral is to call a mortuary or funeral director. They can help arrange transportation of the body and begin the planning process. Calling in a professional team for death cleanup once the body has been removed relieves family members of the burden of having to disinfect the house.

Planning the Service

While the cleanup team is making the home livable again, the family is free to put together a beautiful memorial service for the deceased. Meeting with a mortician or funeral director can provide a guideline for traditional funeral choices or family members can take inspiration from the life of their loved one to create a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates his or her life. Some things to think of when designing a funeral service include:

  • What music will be played
  • Where the funeral will be held
  • Who will speak and what will be on the program
  • What photographs will be used

There are many other details to consider, but having the ability to focus on the arrangements rather than the cleanup can help ensure that the funeral is a true reflection and tribute to the deceased.

Preparing the Body

Once the mortician has completed the embalming process, family members are often invited to dress and prepare the body for the funeral and burial. This can be an important step for those closest to the deceased, as it can help them come to terms with the situation and allows them a chance to show reverence and respect for their loved one.

The experienced team at Crime Scene Clean-Up makes it a priority to treat cleanup situations with dignity and sensitivity. Our services allow family members to place their attention where it needs to be rather than dealing with the after-effects of an unattended death. Contact us and let us support you through this trying time.

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