The Health Risks of Biohazard Exposure

Do you know how to handle a biohazard cleanup? To stay safe and prevent biohazard exposure, always contact a professional to take care of the cleanup project. In this article, we will explore some of the many health risks involved with biohazard exposure.

Risks to the Cleaner

Probably the most obvious risk of exposure to biohazards is the possibility of catching a disease. Bodily fluids containing even a small trace of blood can carry serious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B virus (HPV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV). Some diseases carried by blood can be cured, while others can only be treated. If you are responsible for cleaning up after a biohazardous situation, you will want to make sure that those you hire are specifically trained to clean up biohazards.  Without proper training, workers may be at risk of contracting a serious disease, and you may be in violation of OSHA regulations.

Risks to Those Who Come in Contact with the Cleaner

Biohazard cleanup needs to be done very carefully and with the right equipment. Otherwise, the people who clean up the biohazard may collect bodily fluids and other biohazards on their clothing or skin. Not only does this put the cleaner at risk, but it can put anyone the cleaner comes in contact with at risk as well.

Risks of Living or Working at the Biohazard Scene

After a biohazardous incident, those who live or work at the biohazard scene are at risk of exposure until the area is properly cleaned and sanitized.  In addition to an increased chance of contracting or spreading a disease, insects and fungus can be attracted to unremediated biomaterials, which may lead to further health complications long after the incident took place.

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