Vehicle Remediation and Biohazard Cleanup

Homes, offices, and retail establishments are not the only places that may require biohazard cleanup. From time to time, crime scene clean up companies like CSCU may be asked to assist with unusual situations such as a vehicle cleanup. Specialized vehicles like squad cars, fleet vehicles and body transport vehicles require routine cleaning to maintain standards for safety and hygiene. Furthermore, on occasion, other consumers may experience situations that require a vehicle to be cleaned and sanitized. If you are considering having a vehicle remediated, there are a few things you may wish to think about first:

  • Check with your insurance company. If the incident was a traditional accident and the repairs are covered by your policy, a portion of the clean up may be too.
  • If the vehicle was involved in an accident, consider the emotional well-being of the survivors. Do you think they would feel safe traveling again in the same vehicle where the incident happened?
  • Before calling a company to clean up the car, consider the cost of the cleanup versus the price of a new vehicle. Though the space is small, cleaning and sanitizing a car can be tricky and time consuming.

If the car itself was involved in an accident and is approved for repairs, the mechanic may offer to clean your vehicle for you as part of their services. Keep in mind that this will only eliminate visible traces of the accident. All the nooks and crannies in a vehicle makes thorough clean up tougher. Repairmen may vacuum and shampoo the carpet and wipe down the interior, but they are not trained to safely sanitize the vehicle. Furthermore, the enclosed environment makes an ideal breeding ground for bacterial growth and there is an increased likelihood that you or your family will come into direct contact with an affected surface.

If you are wondering if vehicle remediation is a good option for you, CSCU can provide you with helpful information that will guide you toward making that choice. Call us today to discuss your situation.

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