Dealing with Additional Stressors Following A Violent Crime

Dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime can be emotionally agonizing. Following a homicide, many people experience crisis, especially if the event was sudden, intense, and difficult to understand. Other stressors of a violent crime include financial pressure, both because of the loss of the loved one’s income and any medical and funeral expenses. Social challenges can include difficulty sharing with friends, and trouble enjoying oneself. Legal hurdles can be very stressful, especially if you are required to testify in court months or even years after the violent crime.

The first stressor that many loved ones encounter is the task of crime scene cleaning. If you require professional cleanup services, call Crime Scene Clean-Up any time at (630) 405-5698, and our team of compassionate workers will be there to return your home to normal again. To see all of the cleanup services we offer, click over to our website.

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