The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Crime Clean-Up Service

December 3, 2013
Seeing blood or other bodily fluids in your home, automobile, or business can be a very traumatic experience. Aside from the mental and emotional challenges, cleaning up blood also poses a potential health hazard. If…

What Are the Warning Signs of Suicide?

November 29, 2013
Experts say that the vast majority of people who have committed suicide were suffering from clinical depression or some other mental disorder. To ensure that you are familiar with the warning signs of depression and…

Coping with a Sudden or Traumatic Death

November 22, 2013
Every time you say goodbye to a loved one, you assume that you will see that person again. You don’t expect your loved one to commit suicide or become a homicide victim. Thousands of families endure such…

How Homicide Clean-Up Works

November 15, 2013
After a homicide, grief isn’t the only thing left behind. After the police come and the coroner takes the deceased away, there’s still the practical matter of cleaning up the bodily fluids left behind. Since…

Cleaning Up a Crime Scene

November 8, 2013
Coping with a homicide or suicide is always an excruciatingly difficult process for loved ones of the deceased. Trying to clean the mess left behind can make the situation even more difficult. This video offers…
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